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Our clients are our most important asset. It is important to us that we take the time to listen to each client's individual wants and needs regarding their web design. The endorsements below reflect the fact that we have listened well. The statements on this page represent only a few of the many positive and encouraging comments we have received over the years. 

This letter is written as a testimonial for Joanna Griffith, who has been my webmaster and search engine optimizer for the past several years. Joanna’s knowledge and skill, as well as her creativity and caring, have been evident throughout our association. Her devotion to the meaning and value of my particular web site – a mental health resource – has been especially important and heartening, as she has been a full participant in making my site an important and valuable star in the vast universe of web sites available to the interested public.

Joanna has continually contacted me with ideas and options to optimize my site and, therefore, my ability to reach a wide and ever-expanding audience of potential users. My audience has grown and my readership has expanded measurably as a result of her efforts and for this, I am grateful. Without any hesitation and with enthusiasm, I recommend Joanna and Webweaver Creations to others in need of her gifts and services and am delighted to more directly speak with anyone who might be considering engaging her for help with their web site and search engine needs.

Richard B. Joelson, DSW

I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your optimization services. My website was only listed in the search engines where I had paid inclusions accounts but now it has high rankings in all of the major search engines. Thanks. I am recommending Webweaver Creations to anyone who wants to improve his or her positions in the search engines.

Arlen Leiner

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your services. Prior to working with you our website produced very little response. Since your redesign and aggressive marketing efforts we have begun receiving significant feedback in emails and in telephone calls. We appreciate the personal attention you have given us.

Maria Phillips

I appreciate the attention you have given to my position in the search engines. When you recommended implementing search engine optimization I never dreamed it would make such a difference. My website is not only in the top positions of the important search engines but several of my pages are ranked separately also. Thanks so much.

Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D.

I am very impressed with the results I am getting with my web site. I know I can be very thankful for what you have done for my site with the search engines. The rankings are wonderful. I am so pleased with what you have done. I never had these kinds of results until you came along. Sales have sharply increased. I am so excited I can hardly sleep at night. Thank you very, very much.

Gene Gilmore

I am convinced that because of the optimization techniques implemented by Webweaver Creations, my website has impressive positioning in many of the major search engines as well as directories. My rankings were not very high before the optimization and now not only my Home page but also several of the other pages in my website have high rankings as well. I could not be more pleased with the results.

Joan E. Stein

I really can’t say enough about the staff at Webweaver Creations and how pleased I have been with the company’s services. They have consistently been there for me throughout the development of my own company’s websites (I have 3) as well as 2 other sites of which I am a participant. I am considering splintering off a 3rd site for a different aspect of my business and another totally unrelated site for a new business.

I am equally pleased with Webweaver Creations search optimization services and find that the vast majority of my referrals now come from internet searches. They have been unbelievably responsive to my needs, as well as very suggestive in encouraging me to do things in ways that work more effectively and efficiently. Not only have I been pleased for myself, but I have recommended Webweaver Creations to many of my colleagues.

Dennis S. Pilon

As the author and publisher of the best website for cats seeking advice (SamSezs.com) from a cat who knows it all (me), I have been concerned that too few cats might be able to find my website. Then when Webweaver Creations suggested that by optimizing my website I could improve my position in such search engines as Google, Yahoo, and MSN I was skeptical but I let them try. Imagine how delighted I was when I went into Google, typed “Advice for Cats Rights”, and ended up as the number 1 and number 2 site listed! In addition, when I tried both Yahoo and MSN using the phrase “Cats Rights Website” there I was, numero uno again. Now I know that countless cats will read, and their lives, whether the first or the ninth, will be improved by the advice I publish.

My advice is that what works for me, a cat, also works for people. So if you have a human partner who wants people to find his/her site on the Web tell them to contact Webweaver Creations. Thanks!

Sam the Cat
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